Slice Nation has a strong focus on providing premium ingredients and secondly by sourcing the majority of them from within the USA. We will always attempt to provide healthier alternatives when possible. Below are examples:

Red Gold Tomatoes:

For four generations, the Red Gold family has been working with local family farms to grow the highest quality, best-tasting tomatoes in the world. Red Gold tomatoes aren’t just family owned, they’re family grown and made, right here in the USA!  Headquartered in Indiana every Red Gold tomato is grown on one of over 40 Midwestern family farms.

As a family business ourselves, supporting other local family businesses is important to us. Our growers are located across three states. Get to know some of the multi-generational farm families who raise Red Gold tomatoes.

Red Gold is making every effort possible to be environmentally friendly by being good corporate stewards of the planet we all share…we refer to this as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Tessemae’s Story:

As the mother of three athletic boys, Tesse had to figure out a way to get them to eat their veggies while staying healthy. Because serving a dressing full of artificial ingredients was not an option, she created and perfected her own all-natural recipe. When her oldest son, Greg, realized how great it was, he said, “Mom, let’s go into business together and make this for the world!” As Tessemae’s All Natural grows its product line around the globe, the commitment to healthy eating and healthy living remains the core of the company’s mission. We picked them because they are one of the healthiest salad dressings available. They use only high oleic sunflower oil, very exceptional oil.

Maine Root:

Maine Root’s beverages are Fair Trade Certified, using 100% organic sugar cane from Brazil as the sweetener. This certification means our farmers are paid a premium for the hard work they put into our products.  We show our appreciation by visiting them often and investing in building hospitals and schools in their communities.

Alligator Ice:

Alligator Ice is a family owned frozen drink company based in Wentzville, MO. Alligator Ice prides itself on being an innovative company by identifying customer needs and developing programs that fulfill those needs. With over 20 years of experience in the frozen drink industry, we are confident that you will find both profitability in our programs and satisfaction in our service.  We picked them because they produce slushee mixes using 100% real sugar.

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